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i’ll say it again

i got my hands on that article

and it did NOT have my site mentioned there

someone told me it had been mentioned

i guess they meant there was an article on malcolm, that’s all…

oh well

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it wasn’t mentioned


oh well

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my site was apparently mentioned in an article in canada’s largest circulated newspaper

the issue i didn’t bother to pick up

anyone have last saturday’s star??
(somewhere in the religion section)

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my brother deleted all of my music files

so i had to redownload them

i downloaded all my cat stevens stuff

but then by the time i got to mos def
morpheus stopped working

now i am sans mos def

life is cruel

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i don’t blog much
said akds

i agree

maybe after the exams or summat i may start blogging much more

(exams all of next week)

anyway, here’s the most eventful event of my uneventful day: i got a cold…

praise God

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my blog is rather boring, is it not

i don’t know what to say
all the interesting details of my life are just way too private to let a bunch of web-philes with too much coffee on their hands to know

i mean, really, who even bothers visiting this site other than yaser and chris?


makes sense…

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i am such a loser…

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very nice

listen, particularly, to “come together”

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someone said that my flimsy attempt at a poem:

love of God is everything,
the destination;
love of humans
is only the journey

is trite

adj. trit路er, trit路est
1. Lacking power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition; hackneyed.
2. Archaic. Frayed or worn out by use.

quite frankly, i agree

it sounds like rehashed rumi, anyway

tr.v. re路hashed, re路hash路ing, re路hash路es
1. To bring forth again in another form without significant alteration: rehashing old ideas.
2. To discuss again.

i’m going to go listen to bob dylan now…

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i have exams next week
eight exams
most people don’t
i have a big courseload
most people don’t
i’m barely studying
most people are
i don’t know how i ever end up passing these things
with the marks i do get

i don’t think i deserve them
i know people who DO deserve them
but don’t get them…

there’s this thing in our school, “principal’s scholars” — the top 15 or so students in each grade
since i got into highschool
i ended up on the list every term
and i always “joke” that they “put me on by mistake, again”
but i’m serious

i think there’s people out there who deserve it much more than i do
for goodness sake, i ask THEM for help when i’m stuck
they DO deserve it
but they don’t get it

life is suck, in that way
people who deserve stuff don’t get it
people who don’t end up getting it

then there’s people who try to reassure me that i do deserve it
but i disagree, quite frankly, for reasons already expressed

life is suck

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