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operation christmas fire alarm

they stood outside the math class handing out red pieces of paper
he took one and read it, ah yes, operation christmas child, fill a shoebox with candies, condiments, and items of personal hygiene — treats for kids who usually wouldn’t get something like this — in “third world” countries
“ah, and then you’ll slip in a pamphlet about jesus won’t you” he said
“that would be the best part!” one of the girls said
“right — receiving a pamphlet about jesus would just make my day” he retorted as he walked into math class

the fire alarm went off, he paused, “well,” he said to himself

he walked out, “you see this is what happens when you pass out red pieces of paper”
“no,” she replied, “this is what happens when you make fun of jesus”
“really? hey jesus, if you have a problem with me, why don’t you strike me down right now” he said, assuming a crucifix position and half-expecting the ceiling to fall on him
“you shouldn’t do that”
“naw, i don’t think jesus minds — i think jesus has a sense of humour”

they exited the building

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“promise me,” she said as she stared intently into his eyes
i never make a promise i don’t intend to keep, he sang to himself
“promise … me … ” she repeated urgently
“i’ll try, that’s all i’m saying — i mean that’s why i’m going there, i have no other reason to go…” he finally replied

he didn’t do it

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