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Growing up here in Jerusalem, I think I had a pretty normal childhood. But normal in the Middle East is always intertwined with war.

– B.Z. Goldberg, Co-Producer/Co-Director and Narrator of Promises

I’m having a cry-fest here.

I just saw Promises, a movie about children in Israel and Palestine, on Yaser’s recommendations. Like Hotel Rwanda, some parts of it made me cry. There were scenes where I was laughing as I cried. Not an easy thing to do.

It’s genuine and it’s amazing. To echo Yaser, Yasmine described it best on her blog. If you can get your hands on it, watch it.

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Hotel Rwanda

Last night, more like this morning, I was watching Hotel Rwanda. It was a very moving film and I think it effectively conveyed its message. Some people criticized it for not showing more gore — but it certainly didn’t have to. I was crying my eyes out at one point.

An excellent film and an excellent performance by Don Cheadle.

Go watch it.

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And you thought I was being paranoid…

Ontario eyes private cash

“We intend to vigorously pursue opportunities to partner with the private sector in the delivery and financing of public infrastructure. That statement is going to be controversial, but it shouldn’t be,” the minister [David Caplan] said.

The Liberals are no better than Conservatives in red coats. Whether you vote for the lesser of two evils, you vote for evil.

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