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– utaps application – check

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props to dream for introducing me to the wonderful world of outlandish

outlandish is a moroccan, cuban, and pakistani — living in denmark
now that’s a different crew

many of their rhymes are pretty good, the musicism is tite, the spinning in of their respective languages at some points isn’t fake and crass
some of their rhymes are a bit weak, must admit
but much respect to outlandish, they’re different
quite different

standout tracks: guantanamo, if only, el moro, peelo, love joint, fatima’s hands, aicha

now i just finished watching bollywood/hollywood
which is an amazing movie (but i figure only desis will truly understand its import and implications)
it’s hilarious, damned hilarious, especially how they spontaneously break into song
speaking of which, the music from that movie is very good
particularly “sona sona roop hai” and “rang rang mein”
the second song has me going
i am totally loving it

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i am damn tired
just about two hours of sleep (or less)
and then i had to shovel a driveway with bloody caked on iced slushed snowed guck that was rock hard
my back is killing me
i am damn tired

give me a break

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finished with physics
finished with exams
whoop dee

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got my hands on some krispy kreme donuts
pretty good, not bad at all

i think they should use the sugar-crisp bear to do irish spring ads:
original, aloe, fresh, sport
it’s all good, mmhmm
can’t get enough of that irish spring

(i’ve somehow developed an obsession with irish spring)

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random plug: christine
because she plugged me

bio was pretty terrible

now for physics

leave the worst to last…

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The day Malcolm X died

“Maya. Maya.” Bailey spoke softly. “Let me tell you what’s going to happen. In a few years, there are going to be beautiful posters of Malcolm X, and his photographs will be everywhere. The same people who don’t give a damn now will lie and say they always supported him. And that very bartender, the one with the sword” – Bailey mispronounced the word as the bartender had done – “he will say, ‘Malcolm was a great man. I always knew he was a great man. A race man. A man who loved his people.'”

the article made me shed a tear
actually that seems to happen anytime i check the assassination of malcolm x
there i am, watching ali in the theater and they have that scence where malcolm gets shot and i’m trying to hold my tears back
i read an article on the death of malcolm and i choke up


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Where the heck has Everlast been?

…for starters, he’s been putting together a new album with longtime producer Dante Ross. “I’ve been in hibernation, working on music,” Everlast said with a sly grin. … “It’s not like I’m going to go running across the field to like, choke [Eminem]. I’m a grown man, dude.”

yes! everlast is coming back
can’t wait

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