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all right, so i switched to the blogging program my brother (adnan) made

before, i was with blogger — who have a great service, no doubt

but adnan’s program is pretty functional with lots of stuff built in

so i just switched to this

unfortunately, the comments couldn’t be salvaged
so … get commenting, dudes

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public service announcement from the dragon and nomes:

there’s a new ninja turtles show coming out
it’ll air on fox, saturday mornings, starting february the eighth
10:30 a.m. (thanks christine)

apparently it’s based more on the comics
the turtles look cooler, less cute
it’s got more serious plot and serious humour

so we’re looking forward to this and hope they don’t mess it up

and people should stop pretending they’ve outgrown the turtles
you don’t outgrow the turtles
it just doesn’t happen
so stop faking it

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we all have our demons to deal with

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i seriously hate drugs

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it’s a mad world

it’s a really shitty crappy place

shit happens everyday that no one will ever know about

some kid dies protesting government policies in argentina

in the states, inner-city warfare blazes

and in the peaceful suburbs … life’s a mess

it’s a mad world

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“people who don’t grow up
think that it’s a grown up thing
to shoot people to get their way.”

– more wisdom from the eternal dragon

bush, saddam, meet the dragon

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