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ttc mc

on the subway ride home last night from school some of us decided that it would be fun to bring some entertainment to the crowd

we got in and sang some songs

then we did a stand-up type of comedy routine

in the last leg of the journey, from warden to kennedy, i rapped — once again, house of pain’s jump around (because it’s essentially the only rap song i know in its entirety)

props to josh for doing the singing and the comedy, and thanks to kevin for filming it (i didn’t know until later that he was filming it)

(you need quicktime, the videos are about ten megs each so it’ll take some time to load — right click and saving is probably the best way to go about it)
video 1
video 2

no, i wasn’t drunk

i don’t drink (but i did drink a lot of canada dry ginger ale that day, maybe there’s something in it)

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spam comments

so what’s up with posting spam in the comments of my site?

either it’s some really stupid american typing stuff up in the box to make a buck or two or it’s someone only slightly less stupid using a script to automatically send out messages of viagra and propecia and whatnot

they should advertise viagara on yaser’s site … he’s the one who needs it

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