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last night, some of my groupies (silly monkey, et. al.)
actually did come with “we luv nomes” signs
good stuff guys
tonight’s the last show, dudes

and i have a ton of hw to do

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apparently i got a strep throat infection (or something) made me nauseous and throw up this morning at school
had to leave dah dah dah

drama starts from tmw
“cavalcade of comedy”
thursday, friday, saturday
eight p.m.
come watch
three dollars for students, five dollars for adults

a lot of the sketches are pretty hilarious and it’s worth your time
(i’m in one of them)

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everywhere i go
even in my dreams
all i see are numbers
and differentiation problems
hail calculus

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me looking for a job:

storeperson: :looks at resume: … hmmm … do you have any retail experience?
nomes: not particularly … but i did stay at holiday inn last night…

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calculus is so wonderful
i’m being sarcastic

nomes’s guide to calculus homework:
– do questions
– put a star beside questions you do wrong or don’t understand
– try to do the questions you got wrong at least two more times, if you still don’t get it right, keep the star there
– try to do the ones you don’t understand at least once more, if you still don’t get it right, keep the star there
– ask other smart people for help
– if they don’t get it either ask the teacher

that’s not even supposed to be funny

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so my server temporarily went off its spazzing
i hate that word
but i can’t think of anything else to describe its erratic behaviour…
perhaps i could’ve said erratic behaviour
but that’s beside the point
i’m just taking advantage of it and will say that
get this:
muppets – mahnamahna

it’s a great song

mahna mahna

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my server is wack
won’t let me upload files properly

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cinnabons only taste good when they’re fresh and right out the oven at the mall
bring em home, okay maybe good
but heat em in the microwave and they … turn
for the worse

but good stuff anyway

mmm… cinnabons

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sanjeyan, shawn, abraham and i conducted an inpromptu social experiment today after school

we decided to see how many people would thank me if i held the door open for them

results? pretty pathetic:

that is, out of 50 people, only 27 people bothered to thank me for holding the door open for them
that’s 23 ingrates

mainly twas girls who said thank you
and all people above twenty said thank you
a lot of young grade nine pukes did not
one kid went through that door around three times and didn’t say thank you any of those times
if i ever see that kid again i might have to resort to violent behaviour…
maybe not

but if he finds a dead frog in his soup he’ll know who sent it (maybe his mom, maybe they like frog soup)


i blew my calculus test

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so brittany ballantine won the elections, as predicted
to quote henry: “there’s something seriously wrong with this country”
well, the school for sure
most grade twelves i’ve spoken to voted for brennan
conclusion: morons voted for brittany

i am so mean

+ correction on previous post about elections, cindy liu was running for vice president

she won, too — i think she’s fairly competent, though

oh well

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