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i enrolled late into a class, and so missed some of the first few lectures

one of my friends in the class (whose brother is also in the class) lent me her notes, and i photocopied them and returned the originals to her, quite a while ago

as i flipped through the notes tonight, i noticed a section where there was a substantial amount of annotation missing, and a small note to the side, “get notes from [brother]”

now that’s ironical

and it is now the night before the test

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my life seems to revolve around uncanny coincidences

for example, in april of 2004, i happened to perform house of pain’s “jump around” in the subway — and this was caught on video (a reminder: i wasn’t drunk — i don’t drink)

in the video, barely visible at the very back of the car (which was actually the front of the car, but nevermind) and to the right, sitting by herself, is a lone girl
when she got on the train she seemed slightly down, but my rapping lifted her spirits, and by the time she got off she was smiling

also, there’s this oriental guy, sitting next to a girl (his girlfriend) — almost right in front of me — and he’s rapping along with me (he was drunk)

later, sometime in may, i met the guy in front of the popeye’s at markville (mccowan and hwy 7) … he’s in ryerson, industrial engineering, not stating his name because i forgot it

later, sometime in june, i started working at toronto parks and recreation as a camp leader… the girl in the back (front) of the car turned out to be marie, who was also a leader at the camp

[at this rate, i wouldn’t be surprised if i’d run into other people from that car at other places, but had failed to recognize them]

anyway, there seem to be a lot of uncanny coincidences in my life
(and yes, this example is nearing a year-old, but the more recent ones that actually inspired this post would take much longer to explain and i’m lazy)

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firefox part 2…

i fixed it

it doesn’t look like roadkill anymore (unless, of course, you think it looked like roadkill in the first place)

no redesign then

Comments off

mozilla’s firefox…

my web site looks like roadkill in mozilla’s firefox browser

i suppose that means it’s time for a re-design

hah … yeah right

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