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At some point, I think I will speak nothing but academese. I’m afraid I’m almost there as it is.

I’ve realized that — although I don’t believe in karma, as such — it would do me well to reflect on my hubris. I need to be more humble, more careful, more thorough and more patient. I need to keep an open mind and an open heart, otherwise, as one of my favourite professors advised me, “You only know what you know.”

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new nomespeak entry

a city in the south-central indian state of andhra pradesh, better known as hyderabad. a city rich in history, it was founded in 1589, having been at one point the center of the mogul empire and, before the formation of modern india, an independent state in and of itself ruled by a nizam. population is nearly 3,000,000-strong. today, hydrostan is a commercial and technological centre.
(some information taken from

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nomespeak vocabulary


read it carefully, i don’t even want to think about defining it

(from yaser)

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nomespeak vocabulary

fragg off
substitute for saying “f*ck off” — but much less offensive and even good-natured (in a joking sense)

frag·go·mee·nie (frag’go’mean’ee)
just a term to refer to a person when you have nothing better to say…

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nomespeak vocabulary

a not-so-clichéd substitute for “cool”

(thanks to samir, a.k.a. revolution, for that)

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how about defining nomespeak itself

a pseudo-language consisting of moronic (but sometimes practical) plays on the words and grammar of the english (and sometimes other) language(s)

v. for·mal·de·hy·drat·ed, for·mal·de·hy·drat·ing, for·mal·de·hy·drates
v. tr.
to saturate something with formaldehyde: yo, that pig’s so formaldehydrated it stinks like ****.

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more nomespeak vocabulary

contraction of “something like that”

(i think i picked it up from some brits …)

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nomespeak vocabulary

new word:
n. pl.
substances, usually peptides or steroids, produced by one of nomes’ tissues and conveyed by nomes’ bloodstream to another tissue to effect nomes’ physiological activity, such as nomes’ growth or metabolism

pure genius from cindy, a.k.a. pseudonymous

had me rofl’ing

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nomespeak vocabulary

of, belonging to, or characteristic of a whore, whore-like: what a whorus dress.

something possible and also probable: it’s most prossibly true.

devotion to the interests or culture of one’s city: i don’t believe in nationalism, just cityism.

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nomespeak lesson #2

“you suck!” or “he sucks!” are commonly heard terms

however, these are not accurate ways of ascribing the word “suck” to someone

the correct way, rather, is to say
“you are a suck!” or “he is a suck!”

i think that’s a fairly simple concept to learn…


get it?


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