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Moon rises more than once a day

note: this post was made by raymond, not nomes

Alrite if you ppl haven’t noticed the dress code has changed pretty much since when we were in grade 7-12, some changes were good and fashionable. At first schools were enforcing the rule about wearing pants up to the waist? or around there close enuff can’t remember the exact words. As we all proceeded thru out high school years you should have noticed that the “rule” wasn’t really cared for.

Some of you wouldn’t even care, but after reading nomes’s entry about “assembly line mass drone production,” it reminded me of what i should have erased from my memories of horrific images that i would try to describe but yeh don’t go complaining i didn’t give you ppl a warning.

Across from my locker at school there is a relatively larger in size female, to be frank, she’s kinda fat. Every morning she would beat Po (new name for po kit, part of his name was cut off for some reason on the attendance) to his locker and he would have to wait until the large female to leave, but before she left she would apply massive make up and fragrances. As Po tells me more than half of the fragrances she applies fall upon him instead of her and Po is being suffocated o_O. Your wondering what this has to do with the moon, well this is when nomes’s posting brought up memories buried deep away. Well this particular female wears tight t-shirt that never quite cover enuff flesh > .<, and she wears low rise jeans. You are now going aw man thats disgusting... worse is yet to come. During one beautiful afternoon, school had ended, as i packed my stuff to leave and wasbwaiting for my friends to leave as well, to my misfortune i turned around and saw her bending over picking her stuff up. X_X!!!! Not only was she exposing TOO MUCH FLESH, but you could see her crack (_|_), with a thong... i was about to pull out my own eye balls. Then Po suddenly came over and blocked the sight for a few moments to ask me "hey whats wrong" i go, "don't turn around." Of course whenever we say that ppl naturally just turn and look... and yes same reaction, but Po ran for his life and sped toward the exit. *sigh* So now you know why the moon rises more than once a day, anyways some ppl should be cautious of what they wear and yes i do RESPECT PPL'S WAYS OF EXPRESSING THEMSELVES, but in this manner to create discomfort for many others should they continue? after all its a free country rite... well i'll let you come to a conclusion =P P.S. o_O she is not nice at all, she was rude to me when i was blocking her, she said "Can you MOVE" and i was like o_� wtf no manners > . <. She almost ended my life when she nearly fell on me when i sat near her locker eating lunch. Worse of all i think she has a BF, and hes in grade 10 or something and she's in gr12? and this concludes ranting #1 more to come soon, maybe...

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nomes ft. ray

i’ve added my long-time friend raymond sam as a guest author on the blog

so that he can rant away anytime he feels like it

you go ray

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assembly line mass drone production

you walk around anywhere, in the ttc, in the malls, in stores, and you see the same goddamn thing

i’m talking about those girls, all of them who look the exact same, you can tell they’re in high school — perhaps even junior high — and they might as well have come off an assembly line

first the hair, the shiny hair that looks like it’s been ironed down to the skull
then the same stupid arrogant glare that each one of them has with the make-up over-applied to the eyes
the skimpy tops covered by some odd wind-breaker type clothing
or those fleece sweaters or hoodies from gap
and the same types of jackets, either a white columbia jacket — always worn the same way, or a white tight bubble jacket but with a hood that is lined with fur
the same small stocky black purses (or colours that match the jacket or other clothing items)
and the tight jeans that bell out slightly (not too much) near the bottom

and the number one thing, the singular thing that unites them all is the goddamn shoes
the same goddamn shoes
either the air force ones or stupid look-alikes
with the tongues out, over the tight jeans
and the laces loose or undone
and if there’s a velcro strap which there often is it’s undone and off to the side
and the goddamn shoes are always white, or some other pretty ass colour to match perhaps the purse or the jacket or some other crap

what the hell is going on there

it’s pissing me off

it’s as if they all go to some dumbass factory and step into a machine where they select from a pre-screened selection of colours and come out all looking the goddamn same with minor differences in colour

bloody hell

and let’s not forget the guys, all the guys who act as if they’re tough and crap with their horrendously long shirts and their pants hanging around well below their asses restricting their movements and forcing them to walk with a side-to-side shift as if they’re goddamn penguins, and the same baseball hat over bandana look — very original
and the goddamn air force ones, the same god damned air force ones and lookalikes worn the same goddamn way as the girls, with the tongue out, the laces loose or undone and the velcro strap off to the side
hey but some of them do get original what with the rolling up one of their pant legs for some goddamn inexplicable reason

it’s grand

like a mass production of non-thinking drones

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(got that off niall’s msn name)

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capitalism, zionism, etc.

so i went to a typical desi party and as usual the males gathered in one room to discuss international politics, as usual
more often than not i don’t dip my foot into these forays as the uncles believe they can solve the problems of the world in their living rooms
but today, i decided i’d step into the fray because, well, it’s been a while since i had a debate

many muslims have this paranoia about zionist jews, that everything the united states does is because of the zionist desire to establish the true eretz israel (or the true land of israel — some call it greater israel) which extends really really far and takes a massive chunk out of the rest of the middle east
interpretations vary, some renditions go north into syria and iraq, west into egypt, some go … well, a lot more than just that

and so many muslims believe that the only reason america is waging a war in iraq is for the territorial expansion of israel, saying that those who believe the war is being waged for the entrepreneurial expansion of corporations are being blinded by a zionist agenda

well that’s fine and dandy, but that doesn’t explain american involvement in virtually all of south america and the far east (vietnam, korea), and so on so forth
because, hey, eretz israel doesn’t stretch that far — unless for some odd reason you think eretz israel stretches from venezuela to vietnam

which, to say the least, is a load of crap, i don’t think even the hardliners at ahavat israel are pining for that sort of territory

and i’m not saying that capitalism does not serve the purposes of zionism or vice-versa, because there is a massive israeli lobby in washington
and the fact is, the war also benefited israel because iraq has tangibly attacked israel before (with scuds) and was financing suicide bombers — or their families anyway, and so israelis wanted saddam out of the picture

but hey, get real

american involvement in all these areas, and yes even iraq (especially iraq), is particularly for the benefit of the corporate interests that grow richer and richer as the poor grow poorer

stephen bechtel: “We are not in the construction and engineering business. We are in the business of making money.”
(bechtel‘s is one of the companies contracted for the reconstruction of iraq)

if you have the will-power, please do read this article from zmag to understand what i’m talking about:

reconstruction’s bottom line

The problem is, as evidenced most clearly by the case of Bechtel and KBR, the job is not even getting half-done. Profit-maximization has not resulted in the most efficient restoration of power and oil production possible. On the contrary, it gets in the way of doing things right. The power plants will eventually be built and the oil refineries will run again, but not after unnecessary deprivation on the part of Iraqis and not after Bechtel has made the most of the opportunity.

This war to liberate Iraq was never about liberating the Iraqis.

you see, there’s a religion that neo-con’s and right-wingers practice, forget judaism, christianity, islam — capitalism

corporations worship the almighty dollar

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last day of hanukkah

also, a happy hanukkah to all the jews i know

which is none

but happy hanukkah anyway

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stealing from mcdonald’s

have you or a friend ever worked at mcdonald’s and felt oppressed by it’s fat cat capitalist owners making money off your hard work and sweat that goes into every burger and fry that you shell out?

well if you’re tired of it and want to strike back at the corporate world, and you work at mcdonald’s, then this web page is for you:

mcdonald’s workers resistance on stealing

There is plenty that is of value- happy meal toys make nice presents for young relatives. We used to know someone who swapped hash browns for hash, you can keep friends and family supplied with tea bags, household equipment, sauces, etc. Get stuck into the black economy. McDonalds owes us, we could be robbing them blind for years and not get back half of what they�ve stolen from us.

this is one of the funniest, and most confusing, web pages i’ve come across recently

mind you they have a disclaimer too: “We hope you enjoyed this humorous, just for entertainment article. Please remember that theft is a criminal offence.”

viva la revolution

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spam and pasta

i’ve noticed that in the past few days i’ve been receiving a lot less junk mail than i usually do … wasn’t there some anti-spam law passed in the states?

also, if pasta is good before a marathon, is it also good for marathon studying before an exam?
during the exams earlier this month i ate pasta every hour or two to keep myself awake and studying for one of them … i don’t recall how well that went because i woke up realizing i hadn’t completed my studying
i don’t even remember what exam that was

ah well

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manji interview

now because i had a physics lab that day i sent aasim to get that interview with irshad manji
which he did, with fahad’s — poor chap — tape recorder (poor chap because i still have it, and he won’t get it back until school starts)
and then i transferred the bloody interview into mp3
and now i’m transcribing it into word
and it’s onerous
to transcribe it you have to keep replaying parts to make sure you don’t mistype anything
so i keep hearing the same things over and over and over again
and dear god it’s horrifying

i’d much rather go watch tv

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yes, my first post in ages

i don’t really know what to blog, because everything i have to say somehow gets funneled into one friend or outlet or another — rather than my blog

many days ago i spoke of a documentary by some irish folks about an attempted coup in venezuela, it’s called the revolution will not be televised
a grand documentary, it’s making its rounds in theaters around the united states
(i saw it on cbc a long time ago)

for some reason i find myself very interested in venezuelan politics, lapping up all the news — currently hugo chavez (the leftist president of venezuela) is facing the possibility of a recall election … a referendum on his presidency (to be replaced by his vice-president) … won’t know whether or not the referendum will be held until sometime in january

what’s interesting is the history of latin america and how right-wingers and conservatives have held the power so tightly, leading to massive polarizations of society — in venezuela for instance, 80% of the population is poor, 20% is above middle class

i was reading an article about lord of the rings (yes, i take a course on lord of the rings in university … and yes it’s easy and i’m acing it, i deserve a break so shut up) — at any rate the author of the article was speaking of how many parts of the world have evolved from the typical pyramid structure, with the elite rich at the top grading down to the majority of the population being in the lower class at the bottom, and how we’ve evolved into a diamond type of structure, with a small population being rich, a large population middle class, and a small population being lower class

assuming even such a structure is acceptable (i don’t see anyone proudly waving, i support the diamond structure!), that’s certainly not how it is in many parts of latin america, venezuela for instance
hugo chavez came into power with the promise of making things better for the poor — from nearly the first day though he faced a stiff opposition from these rich elitists and so he’s really been able to do little economically for the poor — but it makes really no difference to them
it has made a difference to the middle class, as they see their spending power decrease because of the crappation of the economy because of the opposition (union leaders and business interests close factories and disallow workers from working, and then say this is a “general strike” — some workers at a pepsi factory apparently took over it and started working forcefully, though)

but chavez has introduced progams such as mission robinson — so far having educated over half a million people to read and write
this is no easy feat, coming from the east, countries such as afghanistan (with a 99% illiteracy rate) and pakistan and india, where the majority of people are so illiterate it’s appalling, this is immense

venezuela has over 20 million people, i think around 23 million, and considering eighty percent are poor (and therefore, logically, more likely to be illiterate), that means around 18 million people live in poverty — educating over half a million out of these is not a slim task, and the way it is being done is quite fine too

certainly chavez has his faults, and it’s not for me as an outsider who was admittedly spurred to take a look at this country because of a pro-chavez documentary to judge who’s fit to rule venezuela … i’ve never been there and chances are slim i will be there any time soon

but it’s interesting how there seems to be a pattern here, take a look at chile and the not so well known 9-11, september 11, 1973 when the popular and democratically elected government of salvador allende was overthrown by the now notorious, though previously unheard of, augusto pinochet (among others, for that matter) and the CIA of course

of course in the end this is a matter for the people of venezuela to decide, and hopefully it will go well for the people of venezuela (and not its business firms and interests)

note that opinions are very polarized in venezuela, there’s either overwhelming pro-chavez sentiment or vociferously anti-chavez sentiment
it’s very hard to find a voice that’s in between — that doesn’t mean people don’t feel that way, it’s just hard to find these voices

that’s my venezuela rant of the day

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