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King and Malcolm

Well, I had no idea:

King met Malcolm X several times in private, although most accounts cite a sole meeting between the two at the United Nations, he said.

King and Malcolm X informally met at a the home of a friend — actor and playwright Ossie Davis and his wife, Ruby Dee — about seven to 10 times, Willis said. They would arrive without an entourage or bodyguards, and would talk about everything from politics to food, he said. Sometimes, they were joined by author James Baldwin; movie stars Sidney Poitier, Paul Newman and Marlon Brando; and musician Harry Belafonte, all supporters of the civil-rights movement, he said.

Willis met Dee, who told him they would meet and talk about topics from great books to what their children were going through.

“The two of them would get together and have great conversations about everything. It was great to get that detail,” Willis said to the students. “I had it from Ruby’s lips to my ears, and now I’m telling you.”

But both men also knew they were marked for death, he said.

“Malcolm said (to King), “If they kill you, they can’t let me live,’ ” Willis said.

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There is no candy!

I don’t understand why anyone who watches this video would think badly of communism:
1. You can be a maniac who gets kicks out of power-tripping over kids, teaching them to pray to (glorious leader) Fidel Castro instead of (won’t deliver on the goods) Jesus Christ in return for candy. This is an ideal job for about 73% of the population.
2. Typical criticisms of communism revolve around shortages of consumer goods. In this version of Castro’s Cuba, though, you can have all the candy you want. Ever.
3. The chalkboard clearly says, “COMMUNISM IS GOOD.”

Update: I think the absolute best part of the video is at about 1:06, when the guy says, “Let’s see if your Jesus will bring you some candy now and produce a miracle.” Then he looks up to his left as if waiting for lightning to fall. It’s fantastic.

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Library books

Hey dumbass, guess what: Other people need to take out books from the library, too.

No, it’s true. They’ve proven this empirically. I saw it in a book I took out from the library. I noticed that fact because you happened to underline it. Along with everything else on that page. Which, apparently, was important to you. Thank you, also, for writing down in the margins several key words that you noticed in the paragraphs. That they were of no significance to the argument or the book in general explains something. You also happened to underline and highlight most of Chapters 3 and 4. I wonder why you ignored the rest of the book.

Maybe because you’re an idiot?

Remember, signing out a book from the library is a privilege. The act does not confer ownership of the book to you. So don’t write in it. This isn’t socialism you punk ass bitch.

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