stealing from mcdonald’s

have you or a friend ever worked at mcdonald’s and felt oppressed by it’s fat cat capitalist owners making money off your hard work and sweat that goes into every burger and fry that you shell out?

well if you’re tired of it and want to strike back at the corporate world, and you work at mcdonald’s, then this web page is for you:

mcdonald’s workers resistance on stealing

There is plenty that is of value- happy meal toys make nice presents for young relatives. We used to know someone who swapped hash browns for hash, you can keep friends and family supplied with tea bags, household equipment, sauces, etc. Get stuck into the black economy. McDonalds owes us, we could be robbing them blind for years and not get back half of what they�ve stolen from us.

this is one of the funniest, and most confusing, web pages i’ve come across recently

mind you they have a disclaimer too: “We hope you enjoyed this humorous, just for entertainment article. Please remember that theft is a criminal offence.”

viva la revolution this!

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