Word of the day: Ridiculous…

In this ridiculously worded article the Israelis explain why they’ve been performing so poorly against Hizbullah:

Hezbollah is a militia trained like an army and equipped like a state, and its fighters “are nothing like Hamas or the Palestinians,” said an Israeli soldier who just returned from Lebanon.

“They are trained and highly qualified,” he said, equipped with flak jackets, night-vision goggles, good communications and sometimes Israeli uniforms and ammunition. “All of us were kind of surprised.”

Why is it ridiculously worded? Well, because all the poor Israeli soldiers have are these ridiculous chef’s hats:

Not, of course, the world’s most advanced weapons from the United States.

I think the Israelis are exaggerating just a little bit about the prowess of Hizbullah. Kind of how the U.S. Army wanted us to believe, and provided Reuters with details to make ridiculously detailed diagrams of hi-tech, sprawling al-Qaeda cave complexes in Afghanistan. (“Sure, from the outside, it looks like a normal cave, but from the inside it is actually more like a four-storey mansion — complete with recreational facilities like a swimming pool and a sauna and a pool table and video games and a vending machine filled with candies.”)

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    Shan said,

    August 8, 2006 @ 7:41 pm

    It’s because Al-Qaeda’s spacecraft crashlanded into the side of a mountain 4 million years ago. Teletraan-1 revived them on 9/11.

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