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a fine book

i finished reading rohinton mistry’s a fine balance and i must say, that is an incredible book

it’s the story of four people brought together by chance and necessity:
two low-caste village tailors who come to the city but can’t leave their past behind, one strong-willed parsi widow who looks toward an ever-uncertain future, and a well-off parsi youngster with a bright future and bright outlook

it’s set against the emergency measures imposed by indian prime minister indira gandhi in the seventies, and shows how policies that seem so far away might come home and have an effect on people personally

it’s a wonderfully written book, quite unlike any other

although of a completely different stripe, yann martel’s life of pi is somewhat comparable — if in nothing but the way the books leave you feeling after you’re done

it’s a big book, 800 or so pages, but an amazing read

bravo, rohinton mistry

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procrastinaters have the last laugh … if they get their work done

after having had the most uneventful winter break anyone could have i’ve realized that i should have done all my homework sometime rather than leaving it for now
but the truth is i realized that the first day of the winter break, and every day after that
even up until yesterday i was thinking about starting my homework
even earlier today when i started watching the classic 12 Angry Men and after i finished i was thinking about doing homework
and even as i’m typing this up i’m thinking about it
my math is here in front of me
heck it’s stuff i should’ve caught up on during the academic year, but i’m doing it now — the last sunday of the winter break
ha.. ha… this is sad

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ameriKKKan hypocrisy

here’s a random plug that i got from richard’s livejournal:
the hmong

something i didn’t know about

but something not unexpected from the likes of the united states government

i’d go on a long rant about its hypocrisy but hey, we all know everything about it

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dog bed

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my playlist

this is my current winamp playlist

i have too many songs, and winamp doesn’t randomize them perfectly
so i listen to many songs over and over again … i end up just pressing “b” for next over and over until it gets to an agreeable song

depends on the time, mood, etc.

anyway, yeah, all my songs — er, they’re … uh … there for educational purposes … ahem … yeah

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