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so i’m doing my physics project
which requires a fair bit of woodworking
(i’m making an amadinda… a sort of xylophone)

so i had to attach two bars to each other to form a base, with screws
and i couldn’t do it alone
i had to get my brother’s help
so, among all the other, er… imagery… that arose:
me: “yo, i need your help to screw this in”
bro: “go screw yourself”

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raps beat sixers, 72 @ 70

first five-game winning-streak of the season
(done without carter, heh)

now where are all you bitches who say raptors have no depth?

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23 secs left in the raps game @ philly sixers

raps are doing better without carter, talk about irony

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Jesus is alive!

easter mubarak, everyone

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we got the lagaan dvd from blockbuster because it has extra minutes on it
we’re gonna watch it … sooner or later (have to return it tmw anyway)

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i’m owl
many people would agree with the description

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however, i usually have some knowledge before i dive into a conversation about something

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i’m yellow


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kuku, how old are you?

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i walked into toys ‘r’ us because of something i had to buy for my physics project (a super ball)
and so naturally
i got the new spider-man action figure
(the one for the upcoming movie)

it has over 30 points of articulation, more than any other spider-man action figure
the other ones i have have 30 points, and pretty amazing at any rate
but this one is more real looking, has more articulation points, however it’s not that poseable, it’s rigid-like in some places

other places it’s really good, i like what they did with the head, now it can move in any position a real head can
it’s pretty amazing what they did with the head

it’s cool

pretty cool

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my mom thinks i listen to too much music…

maybe i shouldn’t rap at the dinner table

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