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i was watching a paul martin interview on cbc newsworld
their bloody ticker is very annoying, it needs to go
anyway, paul martin seems shady to me

go NDP

in the provincial elections, students who are graduating now from high school really need to get voting
we wield immense power for our ridings
consider if there’s three high schools in a riding with an average of 600 students graduating, and only 400 can vote
that’s still 1,200 voters, out of 100,000 people
out of whom only around 60,000 vote
that’s 2%
which is not bad… sometimes 2% is all it takes to make a difference
so students need to get organized, realize their potential, see what suits THEM and THEIR interests — not those of their parents — and get voting

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socialism vs. capitalism

i was watching a documentary on hugo chavez, president of venezuela
this dude is tite
anyway, he gets letters from all over the country, every day
he has a few people working on reading each and every letter, no matter how small, and these people highlight the main points and make notes
people want hugo chavez out of power, the rich people in venezuela do, because he’s a socialist and believes in properly distributing the oil wealth of the country
(where 80% of the population lives in poverty, and the rich 20% control the media… go figure)


i went to the zoo for the interview
he asked me a question and i made a fool of myself
“use four words to describe yourself”
er… :long pause: … intelligent — no, intellectual … er.. outgoing and … um … eloquent?
then a huge pause, like a minute, “i’m at a loss for words” and finally i pipe up “creative!”

yeah okay, well done
how about “conceited, stupid, jerk, slow”

i know they won’t be calling me back anytime soon…

anyway, i want to finish my chemistry model today, and my math homework
i got my styrofoam balls painted at school, with the art department’s paint, lol, liquid tempera
it’s very nice
better than the trashy spraypainting jobs i’ve seen
so hopefully it shall look cool

fun stuff

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okay, so everyone says i need to get some blog content up …

well, friday was the fashion show
i happened to be mc’ing it, along with camille and bridget

we basically just started practicing on wednesday, and it went relatively well for that

gotta say, the music kept getting messed up because there was a couple of girls handling the sound board
now we know about women and technology
women + technology = disaster

and then there was the harolyn christanson or something fashion line
apparently, these were professional models
well they were slow and really messed stuff up because of their slowness
it wasn’t good

but overall the show went well
i was impressed with the designs by the agincourt designers, much of that stuff looked very good

i want to try to mc for the multicultural show as well
will see how that goes

now i have to work on/study for chemistry model, math test, physics, and a load of other stuff

archery — scarborough competition tuesday at albert sarsbell collegiate
will see how it goes, we’re pretty confident
we’re better archers than we were last year and we killed it last year

zoo — i have an interview tomorrow at the zoo for the fast food section
i want to work during the summer

i got into U of T, st. george, so that’s where i’ll be heading come september, god willing

scroll down for the pimp pic

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the fashion show went well

for those of you who didn’t attend, i was mc’ing it

here’s a pic of me as a pimp…
thanks to jeff for the pic

fun stuff

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