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i edited the definiton of a nerd

it’s now just anyone who studies hard


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let’s describe the subtle difference between a nerd and a geek

a nerd is anyone who studies hard

now, a geek is anyone who is unattractive (for whatever reason, whether this is because the geek is not good-looking, or just acts geekily or summat) — most geeks also study hard, though this is not a necessarily prerequisite to being a geek

there’s the fine distinction between a nerd and a geek

they can both be relatively relative terms

now glasses can add to geekiness if not properly used…

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after a hiatus spanning many a long year
i finally decided to open microsoft paint
and this is what i did:

i know, it’s a real piece of art……..


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among other concepts entirely foreign to me:
“too much cereal”

pffft… who came up with that one….

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i just wanted to say that
as much as many of us may hate microsoft and all
netscape just sucks
internet explorer is by far the superior browser

friends don’t let friends use netscape

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you know what’s ironic?

i like sherlock holmes

and he smokes (the pipe) and he was a crack (cocaine) addict

now the ironic part is

i hate drugs, all of them

fairly ironic

heck i even call myself sherlock nomes …


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is a great show

and U2
is a great group


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this is what i would look like were i on southpark:


(thanks to yaser)

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that banner that pops up is ticking me off

ima try to change the URL to

would be coolerer

or move it to

we’ll see

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nomespeak vocabulary


read it carefully, i don’t even want to think about defining it

(from yaser)

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