Taken in the lobby of Sidney Smith, June 13 (Brazil vs. Croatia):

I think it’s fantastic that all these people (often including myself) can gather to watch the matches and cheer and (in my case) relate football to colonialism.

Having said that, according to Wikipedia, a key component of fire safety is:

Not exceeding the maximum occupancy listing for any part of the building (Making sure that an area isn’t so full of people that they can’t all get out quickly in an emergency).

I’m not entirely sure if that area classifies. I mean, it’s really not hard to leave the building from Sidney Smith lobby, unless you’re a total dunce cap and forgot how you entered (knowing some of the purportedly “great” minds on campus, I wouldn’t be surprised). Maybe stampeding — considering how the University treats us like cattle (again, I wouldn’t be surprised).

I asked the Dean and co., one week ago, if they could look into getting football matches streamed into the useless screens in the Sidney Smith wraparound (study space) for the crowd to diffuse a bit — no response as of yet. I think they’ll eventually get back to me — and only if I persist — on July 10. this!

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    DM said,

    June 25, 2006 @ 3:04 pm

    I think this is very interesting, especially in the way in which all the support for various countries shape up. People go through interesting little moments to figure out how they relate to the whole thing, and to the world set-up, in a sense. Your pictures also show the way it transforms space, almost in a transgressive way.

    Though I’m not keenly interested in the games, I find it relevant to the study of transnationalism.

    Which year are you in at U of T, btw? I’m a visiting student for the summer (from the US). I have a class in this building on Wednesdays.. maybe I will catch you there sometime!

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