Questions of Racism

It’s interesting and rather coincidental that in the same week as Rosa Parks died and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad called for Israel to be wiped off the map, the “Kashechewan problem” blew up in the Canadian government’s face.

While the mainstream media was quick to point out Ahmedinejad’s racism and Rosa Parks’s contribution against it, there was no mention of the “r word” when it came to Kashechewan.

The fact that Natives have been brutally oppressed, have had their culture and identity stolen from them, and have been overall mistreated for several generations apparently has nothing to do with the “r word.”

As inane and remarkably stupid as Ahmedinejad’s comments are, at least he’s honest. He doesn’t like Israel.

The Jim Crow laws were bluntly racist and didn’t mask their discrimination with flowery words.

In Canada, though, the governments speak of “prioritizing the Indian issue” and moving ahead and this and that and that and this, but they do jack. They talk a good game but their actions are racist to the core.

The problems that face Kashechewan and countless other communities like it right across the country are nothing less than products of racism.

It’s about time someone owned up to that. this!

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