With the help of Yaser, I recovered most of my archives from when I started blogging in February 2002 up until now. There is a gap in “the blog record” between February 2003 and September 2003, but I wasn’t actively blogging for most of the summer of 2003 anyway.

Unfortunately a lot of that stuff is probably lost for good.

Most of it is crap. Some of it is decent. Mostly, it’s crap. You can, if you’re interested, find the archives underneath my “Recently Read…” list. (For information’s sake, this incarnation of the blog started in September of 2003 — when I began university.)

It’s interesting to note how much I’ve changed in three years. I used to blog a lot, several posts a day; now I sometimes don’t post for months. I used to sit by the sidelines and criticize things, but starting from May 2003 (and I’m disappointed that period of time isn’t retrievable) I actually turned to activism rather than simple criticism. There’s a lot more to notice, subtle differences in style and whatnot.

Now, I’m going to try out typing in full sentences with proper punctuation. I may revert to my usual style later, maybe not.

At any rate, I’ve got exams to study for (that much hasn’t changed in three years). this!

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