yeah, i’m idealistic…

here’s this great speech that spider-man made in amazing spider-man #135, published in august 1974 (written by gerry conway, illustrated by ross andru) — while and after he was fighting the tarantula, essentially a political assassin/terrorist/mercenary

one of my favourite quotations (it’s the last line) of all time comes up in this comic

Tarantula: Mockery? You dare mock me? Don’t you realize who — whatI am?

Spider-Man: Sure I do, buster — you’re a first class creep — a traitor to your own friends, men who were trying to free their people from a dictatorship — heroes whose boots you aren’t fit to shine!

You know something, “amigo” — it’s bums like you who give revolution a bad name.

Sick little criminals — who don’t give a hang about the cause they’re fighting for — who only care about themselves — and their own twisted egos.

Sure, I know who you are … and punk … so do you.

Punisher: That was quite a speech, my friend.

Spider-Man: Punisher…? When did you sneak up?

Punisher: Right after “heroes whose boots he isn’t fit to shine“. Do you believe all that, Wall-crawler? Are you truly that idealistic?

Spider-Man: Yeah, I’m idealistic — and I’ll stay idealistic until something better comes along.

(while he was making the “speech” he was wiping the floor with tarantula’s face)

daily dose of sanjeyan, as quoted by saqib:

ksnite says:
you know something … if you really pay attention, you can kind of notice that noaman is into spider-man — just kind of though… this!

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