one of the most common ways for a person to express his or herself on the internet is to go to blogspot, sign up, and thanks to the people over at blogger, instantly start blogging

unless you live in saudi arabia

what might have blacklisted all of blogspot is the site of “the religious policeman

this is a western-educated saudi fellow who, via satellite internet (which cannot be censored), has taken the courageous step of posting his experiences, thoughts, observations, and outright criticisms of the way saudi arabia works

of course, the thought of any mode of expression which cannot be regulated is a severely distressing thought for those in power anywhere

at york university, it’s megaphones

there are ways to by-pass the censorship, however

go on google, type up “muttawa,” the first page that appears is the one in question
now clicking on the link itself will lead to the above-displayed, superbly designed “blocked!” notice, so click, instead, on the underlined “cached” under the description of the page — and enjoy

as for the blocking of blogspot itself, other services such as livejournal, though it sucks, are still available
again, a simple google search will bring out a great list of blogging and journal-keeping sites

can’t keep on censoring things forever this!

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    jake said,

    July 6, 2004 @ 2:05 pm

    I was just wondering if you could help me out I have to do a report. I want to do it on minority role models. I was just wondering how come they aren’t any more Malcolm X’s, or any othere kind of strong role modles of his Caliber. i’m not only talking about Malcolm i’m talking about any minority leader, that had the affect that he did.
    If anybody has any ideas why there aren’t any minority role models go head and tell me.

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