that’s nuts! that’s DOnuts!

around two-thirty i completed my physics problem set and handed it in at mclennan physical labs

then i went to robarts library
last night i had conducted a search on the comics-related material UofT holds (and it’s actually a lot more than i’d expected)

so i finally through trial and a lot of error figured out how to navigate robarts (all sorts of elevators going all over the place) and checked out scott mccloud’s understanding comics as well as the first volume of superman archives

i also wanted to read the captain canuck #1 that the university has in its thomas fisher rare books library

that’s where they have old and … rare books under relatively tight security
so you check your bag and coat as you enter the little place, then take an elevator to the basement, where you tell a librarian what book you want to read (naturally, you can’t check it out) and then you’re directed to a reading room where you take a seat, then someone comes up to you and gives you what it is you want to read

captain canuck #1 sucked, the art is laughable at times, the story is bollocks capitalist-god-is-on-our-side-the-communists-are-all-evil type of a plot that seems uninspired
the hero seems more american than canadian (other than his costume) and he looks like a dimwit who can’t do anything but spew campy cheesy quasi-patriotic lines
mind the book was written in 1975 … and it’s full colour, wow
self-published little classic of canadian comics that is now rare, rare enough to be kept under guard at UofT’s rare books library

it was comical to go in there and see all the people reading old old books and important looking things as i leafed through a comic book
i wonder what else we’ve got at the UofT

after that i went to my math tutorial and wrote my quiz

as i headed home i got off at scarborough town centre and met a friend (steph) after a long time, she was with some exchange-group from BC (i think she’s er … guiding them around)
that was good

as i headed out from STC i decided to drop by krispy kreme’s 24-hour drive-through and pick up a donut
the attendant asked through the intercom thing if i were interested in the fresh out of the oven original glazed, and i said i just wanted a creme-filled glazed
so i drove up to the window and i handed him the payment for my single donut
the young apparent man of african descent smiled as he gave me back my change, then handed me the bag saying “i threw in an original glazed for free”
i thanked him and drove on
note: it was fresh out of the oven
at a red light i pulled the original glazed donut out and took a bite
now some people say that heaven is in the arms of a loved one, or that heaven is in your eyes, or something
but right there i found heaven to be in my mouth
that fresh out of the oven donut was the epitome of delicious as it virtually melted in my mouth
i savoured every last bite and i thanked that attendant for his generosity

when i got home i took a look at the receipt
the attendant’s name was gabriel
and that’s when my suspicion was affirmed
that donut was divine this!

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  1. 1

    Nur said,

    February 12, 2004 @ 12:59 pm

    LOL Joker..seems to me the only reason that donut was ‘divine’ was cos u were suffering from ‘student starvation’

  2. 2

    Faiza said,

    February 15, 2004 @ 2:03 am


    Nice people are…umm… nice. =)

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