the issues

i was watching the debate on TV
the one with the three cats, eves, mcguinty, hampton — ontario provincial debates

eves said he sympathizes with parents who have to put their kids through university as he has been the father of two kids who’ve gone through university
but eves has been earning over a hundred thousand dollars a year for several years now … did i say hundred thousand? i meant millions
he’s a goddamn millionaire
how the hell does a goddamn millionaire sympathize with the fact that tuition rates are going sky high
how the hell does a goddamn millionaire symptahize with kids who commute long distances on crowded and stretched-thin public transit
how the hell does a goddamn millionaire sympathize with the average person in ontario?

screwed up shit

there’s a rally tomorrow by the SAC of UofT to bring up the issue of tuition fees in the provincial election
but really, what good does that do
conservatives say they’ll cap tuition raise at 2% (but only for arts and science undergraduate programs, let the professional programs go as goddamn high as they want)
liberals say a freeze (for two years … which is good for two goddamn years then let them rocket up)
NDP says 10% reduction, good luck if you ever get voted in

that’s clear enough
liberals are conservatives in red suits
and NDP is just goddamn never gonna get elected
what a shame

and what’s a real shame is the goddamn masses of mindless adolescents who don’t give a shit about the election
let’s vote liberal cuz mommy says vote liberal
or conservative’s gonna help daddy’s business
what the hell does your mind tell you to do
make your own goddamn decision, that’s the point of a vote

most kids don’t even give a shit about politics, nevermind the voting
because that’s so damn boring and it’s not getting you any more popular nor is it getting you a boyfriend on your tail
what a goddamn shame this!

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    intel said,

    September 25, 2003 @ 2:26 am

    i watched today’s debate amongst the california recall election governor candidates… arnold swartzanegger, cruz bustamante, huffington, etc..


    a joke.

    “You know, Ms. Huffington, I think we have a roll for you in Terminator 4.”–Arnold (paraphrased)

    what a f*cking joke.
    f*ck the republicans and f*ck the democrats.

  2. 2

    david calkins said,

    December 17, 2004 @ 9:15 pm

    Hey wouldn’t be awsome if Arnold would go back and film another conan movie , you know where hes the old king on the throne with the big spear and the white beard. It seems about the right time a great latter half of his career movie every conan fan would truly love to see it.
    what does everyone think if you like this idea repost it to anyone you like and hopefully reads it and agrees it a good idea.

    David Calkins
    phoenix az

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