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i’ve created a monster

today i visited jeff’s maths tutorial
there were some students, but the T.A. had not yet arrived
so i strode right up to the front of the classroom, put down my bag, took off my coat, and faced the class
some of them muttered “he’s the T.A.”

“is this the maths tutorial?” i asked, i received a positive response
“well i seem to be a bit early, i believe the class starts ten minutes after the hour?” — again the students nodded
so i turned around and started erasing the board
halfway through, i turn around again, face the class
and ask
“how many of you have seen the film ‘catch me if you can’?”
some of the students responded in the affirmative
“well, you know how he walks into a class and pretends to be a teacher, but he’s not really a teacher? — well i’m not really your teacher” i said
and the class then realized i’d played a joke on them
“i was joking, you’ve just been pranked” i said
and i sat down beside jeff with the rest of the students

it was, to say the least, funny

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