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confessions of a FOB

the conversation paused
she turned and looked straight at me
her brow furrowed slightly in an expression of wonderment
with a most serious inquisitiveness she asked
“what is juicy fruit?”

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blog is back

oh and by the way, i’m blogging again
i just don’t have the time to customize the appearance yet
i’ll get to it eventually

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physics is phucked!

back in agincourt c.i., there used to be a sign on the physics room’s door


whoever came up with the tasteless pun must have forgotten that there are other, less flattering words that also start with the “F” sound

i have never liked physics, i can understand if someone likes it (long as they don’t rub it in my face), but personally i dislike the subject

sure it’s essential and blah blah blah but damn it’s so twisted and demented

this rant brought to you by the physics problem set #2
of which a question i cannot answer…


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