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i found an interesting song
tiziano ferro – perdono
i think it’s originally in spanish
but there’s an english version, a french version, and an italian version, too
now that’s pretty impressive (they’re all four minutes long, impressive)
nice song, too

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as soon as the exams are over i’m going to:
- work on the malcolm x site, february’s coming up and you get the most hits during black history month (for some odd reason)
- shave
- get a haircut
- finish up applications to universities!!!

till then i think i should study………..
(ha ha, yeah right…)

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dragon‘s reflections on superman:

“Ok i just want to clarify something for all of u out there

Superman sucks…. hes anoyying hes retarded, and he sucks

u throw a green rock at him and hes all about to die…

u throw a green rock at me and i will kick your ass.

i hope this clears up a few things for everyone.

thank you”


does that change the fact that smallville is still my favourite show?

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all right
so i’m a conceited jackass
at least i’m not a faker

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one of the most pathetic things i get to see is people posing for their webcams
i mean … and trying to look cool
it’s pathetic, really
this can especially be seen on AA pages and blogs
first of all it’s a bloody webcam
the resolution on those pictures is terrible, so all the edges and lines look blurred and smudged
it’s like taking a good picture on a good cam, going into photoshop, and deliberately blurring and smudging the lines so you look like even more of a fool than you are
secondly, the expressions on the faces, that these people are “all that”
well you’re not, you look like a dweeb — especially the girls trying to look sexy or the guys trying to look intimidating — yeah, maybe on a nice sony cybershot with four megapixels
not on a logitech moron webcam with five pixel capacity that leaves horrendous residues on your numbskull
and the dudes trying to look “cool” with that “no, i’m not posing, i’m just so naturally removed from the world” look
no you’re not
stop being a dipshit
take natural pictures
natural pictures of yourself looking as you always do
not faking sexuality or coolness

if you’re trying to be funny, that’s something else
learn from the master: eric of eric conveys an emotion
this guy’s hilarious and gets my mad respect

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edit on the second jurassic album
it’s pretty tite, too
not as upbeat, i guess
but tite

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on hip hop and life

in the hip hop of life, god is the master turntablist, his prophets are the rappers, and we’re the fans
some of us go listen to pop hip hop — all about money, sex, drugs, thuggery
some of us go for the anti-god yet socially conscious hip hop
then we got the imitators, trying to turntable like god and trying to rap like his prophets
and we get a lot of junkies going for them
then there’s the real records by god that got corrupted, too many people listen to these — too many, thinking they’re right
the rest of us listen to the master turntablist and his master rappers
but they stopped producing
only one record has survived properly, given by the last rapper who’s long left the industry
the rest of us hang on to this record, we’ve digitized it
stopped its quality from corrupting, kept it as it is
unfortunately, there are very few of us

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i am liking the second dilated album, “expansion team” much more than the first

stand out tracks: worst come to worst (instant classic), night life (i love the intro music), hard hitters (ft. black thought of roots), war (which i think is a freestyle by rakaa, but even if it isn’t, it’s tite)

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i blew the eng exam (that was last friday)
i missed out an entire component of what we were to talk about

the calc exam was okay, i messed up on a question (i may have done it right but left a last minute note that i think i did it wrong, and tried to “correct” it …. okay, that was smart)

the chem exam was craziness
kappa: where’s the vaseline…

to go:
- french – this shouldn’t be too bad, since the teacher virtually told us what is going to be on the exam
- bio – pure craziness, a massive amount of stuff (that i know nothing about) to memorize
- physics – hahahaha … laughing at myself because i’m going to fail this one

good luck to everyone

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lately, i’ve been listening to a lot of 112
a disproportionate amount of it, actually

can’t say i don’t like it

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