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23 dollars? so i can sit there like a two year old and have some perverted jackass put me in different poses and take pictures of me to “make me look good”?

and then on TOP of that spend more money to get some teeny sized pics?

that’s pure capitalism at its crappiest

they’re trying to squeeze bloody money from TEENAGERS
high school students!

vicious pieces of crap

why not set up my own booth
bring my digicam
set it at high rez, take snapshots
get some backdrops from drama or steal them from the real photographers
take pics of peeps in different poses whatever
and then go home, “airbrush” them on photoshop
get em printed nice on nice paper at professional printers
or whoever develops digital pictures
and give em to the people for however much it costs to print the pics + a buck or two for the effort
and i’m sure that’ll be way under 23 dollars


ima just get my proofs for 23 dollars
apparently it’s eight proofs
now if anyone wants to trade they better do it fast (before the eight run out) and they better be satisfied with a proof


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if i may add to that
henry noted “we’re very bitter people”
cynical, too

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there were elections today
for the s.a.c.
the ONLY competent candidate out of all of ‘em was brennan connolley or however you spell his name for president
his speech was a really good one
what i found shitty was that he got booed as he walked up to make the speech
incredibly, these same people cheered his rival, brittany
now that’s gayness
her speech sucked, too
she has nothing to offer
though cindy liu’s speech was okay, she didn’t present it well
(check off brennan)

all of the speeches were crap
almost all
just about everyone had a poem
how original when EVERYONE has a bloody poem

the one i liked out of em all was madiha’s (events) “i decided i’ll rap … :cheers from audience: … oh, i’m just kidding guys”
that was actually funny
then she went on to read a poem
her rival, shurelle, had a crappy speech, didn’t even look up from her paper (maybe once …)
then she went on to do a “freestyle”
that’s not a bloody freestyle you illiterate and uncultured … person
i will not trust you with my vote
(check off madiha)

for publicity, one of the posters in the halls said
“did ya hear? kathyrn c’s running for publicity! spread the word!”
under which i posted a sign saying “that’s your job, genius”
but eugene’s speech was nice, cute, and actually funny
(check off eugene)

i was making rude comments for almost all of them, actually vocally booed brittany
(not loud enough though)
but the girls sitting in front of me were giving me dirty looks
which i didn’t mind
my ulterior motive was to get kicked out by a teacher
but i wasn’t loud enough
maybe some other assembly

i’m still trying to tangibly get kicked out of the library

i should’ve run for publicity last year
oh well

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this song rocks:
rick astley – together forever
it’s from the eighties

this song i love
dexy’s midnight runners – come on eileen
also eighties

got a math test
calcoolus, that is

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i got home at 7:55 pm last night
watched smallville
and slept at 9:20 pm
till 7:20 am

sorry for not answering messages, etc.

but that was sleep well deserved

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people wanted me to change the nose, it was too large
so i did

got a bio lab to do

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alright friends, calm down

the rest of the site is coming in soon…

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guess who’s back…

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testing something

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