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those trees are like… so cool

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i should do something with monkey bhai

everyone loves him

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i haven’t rambled in a long time
no rant
just useless banter

i’m bogged down with too many ideas and no place to direct them

or places to direct them, but no ideas

no muse — no inspiration
lost it

can’t find it

i had ideas
i had designs
i had words
i had pics

i dunno where they are now

you see the thing on top, up there, that’s something i haven’t done in a long time

what is it?
what is it called?

i dunno

it’s just something i do

some pages in my agenda and notes are full of it

crossing, hatched lines

it’s a release


the tone of the lines never changes
it doesn’t become rougher or smoother

but it can oddly enough express all that
and more

and yet to others it would represent nothing

they’re lines

it’s abstract

i wouldn’t call it art — not in that sense

it’s stuff

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whoa whoa whoa

well here it comes

here comes the night

here comes the night

whoa whoa whoa yeah

- van morrison

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nomespeak vocabulary

fragg off
substitute for saying “f*ck off” — but much less offensive and even good-natured (in a joking sense)

frag·go·mee·nie (frag’go’mean’ee)
just a term to refer to a person when you have nothing better to say…

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racist skinheads — no known connection between lack of I.Q. and lack of hair…

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i officially label myself straight edge

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“the journey of a thousand miles begins with cheaper gas prices…”

nomes saying

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i think it’s pretty pathetic when a rapper, or a wannabe rapper, can’t find a better name than “rapmaster x” where x is the variable that stands for whatever the rapper or wannabe rapper wants it to stand for

and for the record
my name is
“RapMaster N”…

shut up

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try word is bond by house of pain

what i really like is the female vocals in the background

just a “whoooo ooooo oooooo oooooo ooooo ooooo oooooo ooooo” sort of eerie — did i spell that right? — and very catchy

whoooo ooooo oooooo oooooo ooooo ooooo oooooo ooooo

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