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funny quotation i picked up in one of those “think positive” books .. decided to post it up after quite a few people tell me positive thinking helps (yeah, right):

“negative thinking yields negative results.
positive thinking yields … negative results.”

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i decided to create buttons for my site
after some people asked

… they suck, i know
but enjoy, anyway

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nomespeak vocabulary

new word:
n. pl.
substances, usually peptides or steroids, produced by one of nomes’ tissues and conveyed by nomes’ bloodstream to another tissue to effect nomes’ physiological activity, such as nomes’ growth or metabolism

pure genius from cindy, a.k.a. pseudonymous

had me rofl’ing

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archery damned well is a sport

i see the way some people scoff when it’s mentioned that i’m an archer

screw them, they have no idea what it is

they may have picked up a bow and shot a couple of arrows as part of a gym class or something, and it is possible they even hit the gold

but that’s not skill, that’s fluke

people who think it’s easy are morons
plain and simple

archery is one hell of a sport

read about it on the official olympics site

marvel superhero, hawkeye, is an archer — he has no superpowers, just superior archery skills

he was a former olympic archer:

(from the ultimates comic)

and so all who think it is not a sport can go shoot themselves

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hey cool

i’m an artist for peace and justice or something … and i didn’t even know it


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well i wasted all of friday
and all of saturday
did no homework at all

sunday and monday
homework must be done
if it is not
i will be shot
by my own gun

i think i should write
stories and tales for children
with lots of light
and funny rhymes to amuse them

but nah

i have to do homework

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i just saw john q

it is an amazing, amazing, amazing movie

one of the best that i have ever seen, hands down, no questions asked

go watch it, it is pure amazing

i wrote this, long before i actually saw the movie … but it relates very closely:

i’ll buss a cap on yo capitalist a**/
ripping off the ‘middle’ and the ‘lower’ class/
your arguments “for economy” reek plain crass/
punk lemme tell you this breath is your last

to the almighty dollar you’re a slave/
more than a valley full of gold you crave/
but will you take your billions to your grave?/
dog, my backhand’s gonna make you behave

where pornography and prostitution’s a billion dollar industry/
get a population hooked on s*** through intentional perjury/
companies lie and falsify for maximum nicotine delivery/
the guvmint’s in cahoots charges millions for the surgeries/

the poor can’t afford it so they get a loan/
can’t repay it in time so they sell their homes/
interest sky highs it so they’re stripped to their bones/
while the doctors in their copters on their mobile phones

voices of dissent are quickly quelled/
they’ll turn your life into a living hell/
if you don’t conform and do as they tell/
so you can’t ever be the one to ring the bell/

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ocean spray
(manic street preachers)
opens not in welsh, or a celtic tongue

it opens in japanese!

this is like a revelation

it means “eyes, so beautiful … you have such beautiful eyes”…

nice, really nice

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this song is amazing
seasons in the sun cover by terry jacks

it seems my life lately revolves around songs, what with the N10 and N140
but it doesn’t … really …

i really appreciate music, though, lol

anyway, i’ve got tons of homeworks to do
but i don’t feel motivated

i hate the way they wait and then all release it at the same time
so everything’s assigned on the same day
and due on the same day
and you got the students stuck in the middle trying to stay alive

yeah, so that’s what i’m trying to do right now

and i’m sure nomespeak will progress to eventually have its own dictionary
yeah, right

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yaay, commenting is finally back
but if you shall notice it is run locally, off — not from netcomments
my brother made the commenting system
and it’s not bad at all

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