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finally, a name has been developed for the new words i constantly seem to be inventing
e.g., “whorus,” “prossibly” — and my attempts to change english grammar conventions, e.g., “perhapsn’t,” “amn’t” (tho that’s a common one)
it is now officially dubbed
(if you can’t see the obvious allusion to orwellian newspeak, get out of my life)
(is “obvious allusion” an oxymoron?)
(why does the image of a moron using oxy pads come into my mind everytime that word is mentioned?)
anyway, back to nomespeak — ironically the term was not coined by myself — ’twas rather ingeniously created by colleen montgomery
let’s cover a basic rule of nomespeak that spills over into english
and this concerns the word “nomes” itself — it’s a noun, it’s my nickname
it cannot, absolutely cannot be capitalized
not at the beginning of a sentence, not as a proper noun, no nothing at all
nomes is nomes
so let us examine proper english sentences:
I like to eat pizza.”
in the case of nomes:
nomes likes to eat pizza.”
notice how in the former, the first letter of the sentence is capitalized, however in the latter sentence, it is not — because the first word is “nomes” — and nomes is never capitalized
let me reiterate my point with another example:
“Let me introduce you to John, he is rather interested in computer hardware.”
compare this with:
“Let me introduce you to nomes, he is particularly captivated by baklava.”
notice how in the first sentence, the proper noun of the name — “John” — has its first letter capitalized
but in the case of the second sentence, the proper noun — “nomes” — is not capitalized
i cannot seem to emphasize this fact, this basic rule of nomespeak AND english enough
even my own brother misspells my nickname
is there no justice in the world?
come on people, it’s spelled “nomes,” never … i cannot even bear to type examples of it being misspelled — for that is how much it effects me — down to my very spinal cord!
thank you!

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