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random plug: christine
because she plugged me

bio was pretty terrible

now for physics

leave the worst to last…

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as soon as the exams are over i’m going to:
- work on the malcolm x site, february’s coming up and you get the most hits during black history month (for some odd reason)
- shave
- get a haircut
- finish up applications to universities!!!

till then i think i should study………..
(ha ha, yeah right…)

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i blew the eng exam (that was last friday)
i missed out an entire component of what we were to talk about

the calc exam was okay, i messed up on a question (i may have done it right but left a last minute note that i think i did it wrong, and tried to “correct” it …. okay, that was smart)

the chem exam was craziness
kappa: where’s the vaseline…

to go:
- french – this shouldn’t be too bad, since the teacher virtually told us what is going to be on the exam
- bio – pure craziness, a massive amount of stuff (that i know nothing about) to memorize
- physics – hahahaha … laughing at myself because i’m going to fail this one

good luck to everyone

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all right y’all, you’re bumming off my notes

mind leaving a comment in return?
that’s the least you can do beside paying me…..


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i decided to skip school and study for the calculus exam (and sleep in)

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added nomes notes for chemistry, chapters 3 and 4
(click on “stuff” up there)


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the marc and nomes challenge:

(for guys) no hair-cuts, no gelling/styling, and no shaving until after the exams
remember, this is for guys only

i don’t want to see the ladies with any more facial hair than they already do have

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first reach for the top intercollegiate game of the (academic) year
agincourt lost all three games
but we attribute it to being tired and out of practice (yeah, right)
team consists of three new guys, i think two of them need to go

first time archery after the break
my shot is not bad at all, but i can (naturally) still use much improvement
39/60 first round, 36/50 second round
i think i only shot two or three rounds

went to hospital first time in three weeks (because of the christmas break)
i have to keep refreshing their memories that i exist
did virtually nothing, which is fine with me

math test, got perfect
working like a madman on physics project

morning, working like a madman on physics project
got to school at 10:50 am or so
ridiculously late

it’s all good

tomorrow is an english exam i don’t want to study for

exams start next week

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the english party went well, the gatsby party
we had to clean room 124 last night and all but it was worth it
then this morning we went in and arranged it
caterers did a bang up job what with the food and all
i liked the dresses, really fine looking dresses
(some of the ladies looked mighty smashing there – as did many of the guys)
tim lee, with his magic tricks, lighted up the place
and then the gangsters with their little disturbance
and the dance people, teaching the crazy dances
the singing and piano during lunch were great
of course the highlight (for me and a.mac anyway) came when a.mac and i sang the song, even though we messed up a few of the lines and neither of us can sing for beans
and great job to the rest
once again, the caterers all did an impressive job

i must report that i’ve switched to netscape
internet explorer has been really troublesome lately
so hell

in the school library, i set the background on a whole row of computers to be the title pic of this blog
that is, me in cartoon form
it’s pretty impressive a sight to see a whole row of it

during spare i’m going to go and try to turn all the computers that way
the librarians will get to know me well then
ha ha ha
(watch me get suspended for shameless self advertising)

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this happened on wednesday that i didn’t mention, it was much more important than anything else that happened that day:

sanjeyan and i were waiting for bio to start, shawn and omid were there because they had lunch and were hanging with us
bio is right in front of a door that leads out
teacher not there yet
so sanjeyan opens the door, and the other two go outside, and start throwing snow balls in each other’s general directions
i go outside and tell them to stop because omid was only in a t-shirt and they’d get frostbite and bum off
so he throws his snowball at the wall
then we’re like … hmm … wonder if we can get the snowballs over the roof
and we start throwing snowballs at the side of the building trying to get it up and over
and soon the whole wall is covered with snowballs and we see if we can hit certain things and spots on the wall
that was fun
we continued throwing even though the teacher came
a few minutes later i go back to class
realize that my fingers are ready to fall off from being near frozen stiff
and seconds later sanjeyan and shawn waltz in and we’re all shaking our fingers, blowing on our hands like morons
it was fun
the most fun i’ve had in ages, actually
totally spontaneous
no coats, gloves or anything

shawn isn’t in our class but he tagged along


twas fun

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